Thursday, November 28, 2013

Counting on days mode on!

Blogging mode is now back activated! Yihaa, lol!
There are a lot of the reason why I'm choosing to activated this blog back.
Ya, It's a school holiday, and I have too plenty of times not doing anything. So why not I spend a bit of time here, rite?
Secondly, this blog is the medium for me to share and promote some kind of bussiness my hubby and I are running of now. Its more like an 'online bussiness'.. actually my hubby is the agent of the SHAKLEE products..( if u guys interested and seriously want to buy the products, do pm/whatsap/wechat me or my hubby using this no: 019-512 5433/019-6695433)
Third, it's about the time! Hehe..i just want to share the huge news that im getting married in about 22 days from now. Haha
Cant believe that I'm not going to be mak little girl anymore. Hehe
Enough guys!
Will continue blogging ! Xoxo

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